Protection of citizens and legal persons abroad: Grasping motto proactive, timely, fast, efficient
These years, the protection is always done under the motto "Protection initiative, timely, fast, efficient." Since citizens Protection Fund officially operational so far, under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs Pham Gia Khiem, in the spirit of protection of citizens is one of the key tasks of the Vietnam's representative agencies in foreign countries, the protection of citizens has taken steps to develop breakthrough content, high quality


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The protection of citizens - some of the issues raised

According to statistics of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnam people, there are about 4 million people in Vietnam residing in countries and territories. In the trend of open integration, the number of citizens of Vietnam to foreign countries increasing in quantity and composition, such as study abroad, internship, work, visit, tourism, fairs, exhibitions and trade, investment, marry foreigners, residing exit, conferences, international conferences, regional ... which, in many localities, the number of Vietnamese fast rising in Korea, Taiwan Taiwan has hundreds of thousands of Vietnam women married to local citizens; while in Australia, there are about 12 thousand students.

In addition, according to statistics from the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, about 5 hundred thousand workers Vietnam to work in a variety of forms in more than 40 countries and regions such as Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan Taiwan, Saudi-Arabia, UAE, Laos, Mongolia, Cyprus, Macao, Angola, Laos, China ... Vietnam general labor are all employers appreciate because of diligence, hard work and learn fast. However, our employees are limited and less competitive compared to workers in some other countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India ... as physically weaker, poor language skills, stamina less when working in harsh environments, many poor sense of respect for the laws and customs in the host country.

Another outstanding issue now because the number of illegal workers should increase crime and violated state law as looting, stealing, steal, rob, gambling, prostitution also increased in some areas east of illegal workers, such as Malaysia, South Korea, Russia, Qatar ...

Vietnam people abroad increased and diversified component raises difficult issues and complex for the protection of citizens. Through practical work, the State Department found that the protection of Vietnam who go to work abroad under individual contracts or who voluntarily give up the contract, to stay abroad to work illegally, the people with fraudulent labor export abroad live in the streets, women were trafficked abroad for prostitution, is problematic for this work. Because they are not registered citizens with representative bodies, without management, so when there is an accident, the risk ... happened to these objects, can not be confirmed immediately they must be citizens or not Vietnam to carry out protection and assistance. To be able to help, for their protection, representative bodies need a certain amount of time to conduct a verification after receiving the information. Also, to find financial resources to cover expenses and buy a plane ticket to take them home because spending power of citizens Protection Fund mainly on the principle of advance or guarantee or deposit.

Diversity citizen protection measures

Expressed the concern of the Party and State in the work of the Protection of citizens and legal persons abroad in Vietnam, State of Vietnam has signed or acceded to many international treaties, institutionalized many legal documents .

To date, the Government has opened 67 embassies, 23 consulates general and 7 Honorary Consul offices in all continents. The government has allowed to continue to open some more missions in the next three years, bringing the number of the Vietnamese representative agencies abroad to nearly 100 agencies. With this engine, the protection and assistance of overseas citizens and will definitely achieve positive results. At the embassy in areas with labor-east Vietnam such as Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Qatar, UAE, Czech ..., have established a Labor Management Committee.

Overseas: Bachelor consular officer conducted a consular visit for citizens detained, imprisoned; meet and fight directly, intervention, expressed the legal point with local authorities; mailing, direct diplomatic authorities or the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs; private messaging or Ambassador, Consul General directly meet representatives exposed local authorities or send a note Embassy, ​​Consulate General to protect the legitimate rights of citizens and Vietnam entity.

In the country: Leadership million State Department ambassador, handed the note; press interview of the Foreign Ministry spokesman's statement or the Foreign Ministry spokesman on the issue of protection of the rights of citizens; Consular Department (Foreign Ministry) sent a diplomatic note to the foreign embassies in Hanoi or the Consulate Department invited Ambassador relevant countries exchange of notes; Our Foreign Ministry sent a diplomatic note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding overseas; Missions interdisciplinary bachelor in overseas countries implement protection.

In addition, a number of ministries, agencies or professional associations, mass, or some of our politicians speak out publicly or protest, condemning the infringement of interests or rough treatment of citizens , our entity.

The protection of citizens and the typical case

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to review labor agreements concluded with those in Laos in 1995, Oman in 2007, Qatar in 2008, Russia in 2008, Kazakstan, 2008, UAE in 2009, Canada in 2010 ... these are important legal corridor, is the basis for protection of rights and legitimate interests of Vietnamese laborers abroad.

Regarding international cooperation, to protect the Vietnamese workers abroad, the Foreign Ministry has asked the Prime Minister to allow Vietnam became an official member of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in November / 2007, active participation activities in the international labor organization (ILO) as well as participate in forums in the country and internationally in this field.

In some countries, due to changes in political institutions, changed the law, the legal status of citizens residing in Vietnam are often uncertain, unclear, not lawful, the Foreign Ministry and the diplomatic missions in our foreigners had to fight to protect the rights of citizens residing through exchanges, negotiations with foreign parties concerned in order to legalize their residence for citizens. Currently this is still one of the priority themes of the consultation meeting our annual consulate with water.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Gia Khiem opened the electronic portal of consular affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( address) to meet the requirements addressed renovation and sharing of information among agencies and individuals listed above in order to help the authorities to take measures for protection of our people in an active, fast, timely and effective.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked the Prime Minister issued Decision 135 / QD-TTg of Free Vietnam visa for foreign passport holders and their family members in order to create most favorable conditions for citizens to return to his home country incense, country

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The representative agencies in foreign countries have issued thousands of passports to the Vietnam residing abroad to meet the aspirations and Vietnam hold the citizenship of the country favorable to visit relatives, buy houses in Vietnam; granted passports to thousands of lost passports in order to create their legal status to be eligible to apply for extension of residence or residing abroad; Executive-level views for labor before term was due to arrive or be deported to the country. Typical new issuance of passports to overseas Vietnamese in Laos have lived many years, Thailand does not have any identity papers, and no relatives in Vietnam, difficulties in the verification ID. Ministry of Foreign Affairs took the initiative to coordinate with the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Justice organized interdisciplinary mission to take place, directly meet and exchange in order to find solutions to problems. After the trip, hundreds of people in these two countries have been granted a passport, meet the legitimate aspirations of her children to visit their homeland, country, relatives and put children and families in Vietnam learning , Healing.
Our representative agencies abroad have done a lot for the protection of workers' rights specified in the contract, such as the lack of wages, job loss, accident injuries, died in labor ... and rights related. Typically, the Vietnam Embassy in Qatar has fought to protect the rights of workers Nguyen Van Bay, labor accidents resulting in death Date 14/10/2008 at Qatar, the owners had to accept compensation Seven often for his family with more than $ 54,000 amount.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs took the initiative to lead and coordinate with the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security, the sending company quickly promptly organized interdisciplinary Missions abroad handling problems conflict between workers Vietnam with the employer, with the host country or within Vietnam's labor, not to affect the interests of workers, as well as the image of the Vietnamese people in the country out.
Some citizen dies abroad, the family has no conditions to take remains on the water, was the representative missions help move water cremation. Previous cases of Vietnamese bride Thach Thi Hong Ngoc husband was murdered mental Korea, Vietnam Embassy in Korea in cooperation with the Korean authorities to learn, requires rapid investigation concluded and strictly handle the incident. South Korean Foreign Minister Ambassador of Vietnam invited to send condolences to, and given 10 million won ($ 8,300 equivalent) for families who have lost. Our Embassy in Korea has issued a document and help bring the remains home for burial Ngoc at home.
Thousands of fishermen of the southern provinces to go fishing offshore, violating territorial some neighboring countries were they arrested, confiscated vessels, fines, imprisonment, deportation, hundreds of citizens turn exit illegally or stay abroad and illegally residing foreign parties arrested, representative agencies sent people to visit, advance payment to help with accommodation arrangements, near Agency representatives pending the making procedures, help buy airfare included citizens of the country.
Dozens of crew workers under contract to work on fishing vessels of Korea, Taiwan catches fire, the fire board or when the ship docked in some countries, has arbitrarily abandon the contract, escaped ashore to stay in the country unauthorized outside as in Panama, Peru, Mexico, Côte d'Ivoire-Spain ... arrested, deported, was representative agency conducted verification, grade papers, advance payment from the Fund protection of citizens help to the country. In Acts 10 Vietnamese crew members working aboard Taiwanese fishing South African police arrested and tried in Cape Town Date 05/5/2009, Bureau of Consular Affairs met and handed a note to the Embassy of South Africa in Hanoi, while guiding our embassy in South Africa looking to understand the work, coordinating offer suitable protection plans, the most effective. Results 10 crew members safe water day we 06/22/2009. With the crew members arrested in Costa Rica, Vietnam Embassy in Panama has sent staff to Costa Rica to help them legally, granted the necessary paperwork, procedures for exit and go along and take the plunge State action on safety at 05/6/2010.
Date 07/12/2010, received information about Dung Quat Ship 2 arrested in Davao (Philippines) cargoes on ships by signs of water contamination, Bureau of Consular Affairs has sent diplomatic notes Philippine Embassy Hanoi simultaneously directing Vietnam Embassy in the Philippines has sent a diplomatic note Court Davao suggest you quickly resolve the incident in accordance with Philippine laws and international practices. Dung Quat Ship 2 was released in Vietnam on 03/8/2010.
During the crisis in Thailand, when the red shirt protesters occupying international airport in 2009 as delayed all flights, nearly 1,000 guests of Vietnam can not return home as planned. Ministry of Foreign Affairs has instructed the Embassy of Vietnam in Bangkok rent some large buses seat 46 categories, with priority given to passengers who are elderly, women, children, the sick and work in the country by way of Cambodia and Laos.
Recently, in the storm # 1 (Typhoon Conson) month 7/2010, 23 fishermen in Quang Ngai, Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan in distress, the rescue was the Chinese side, and 10 fishermen on board sank QNg.96354 TS, Jade Trader ships (nationality Angua & Barbuda) rescue, has been the state Department along with the relevant agencies of Vietnam and our representative offices in China to coordinate solving the rescue, rescue victims of our fishermen avoid storm in the Paracels, quickly put their procedures for safe water.
Dozens of women are tricked sold abroad more especially China, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia has also received the support of the Fund for the Protection of citizens and the help of the Agency for representation in the areas of safe water.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs has conducted negotiations and referred the request to the governments of Laos and Cambodia divided coordinate DOD help us search, storage and handling of remains repatriated thousands of volunteers Vietnam hy born in the time of war in both countries.
Several officers and soldiers were previously dispatched our State studying in China, the Soviet Union (old) died and was buried in these countries. Recently, the Bureau of Consular Affairs in collaboration with the representative bodies in the regions to help relatives, their families distillation procedures to bring about the Vietnam remains.
Protection of citizens - a key task of the Vietnamese representative missions abroad
These years, the protection is always done under the motto "Protection initiative, timely, fast, efficient." Since citizens Protection Fund officially operational so far, under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs Pham Gia Khiem, in the spirit of the Protection of citizens is one of the key tasks of the Vietnam's representative agencies abroad, citizen protection work has achieved breakthrough development with the content and quality.
All Vietnamese citizens abroad, irrespective of the State officials or people, while abroad if in need, risks need help, if directly to the agency representatives, are missions comprehensive guidance and assistance under the Regulation on financial management of the Fund for the protection of citizens. People in the country, if received news abroad have relatives in need, risk and need help victims themselves not able to walk, if you inform the Consular Department and request help, Bureau of Consular Affairs were instructed to appoint a representative agency in person to learn the case and provide the help needed to help victims overcome difficulties quickly and repatriated as quickly as .
In many cases, immediately after receiving information on the mass media at home and abroad, related to Vietnamese citizens in foreign countries were arrested, mistreated ... and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took the initiative Steering body elected officials representing the traveling to the scene of the incident to find out the truth and conducting the necessary protection for the legitimate rights of citizens. Therefore, thousands of people have received the support and assistance of the Fund and representative bodies to be returned home safely.
Along with the integration process and expand the international cooperation of the country, consular work has had positive moves, in order to create favorable conditions for citizens and legal persons abroad Vietnam and for foreign citizens in Vietnam. Resolution 36 of the Politburo of the work for the Vietnamese people abroad have confirmed that: The protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal persons abroad in Vietnam is very necessary, express responsibility of the State for the citizens, contributing to political empowerment, our State's reputation on the world as well as in the eyes NViet men overseas, contributing to the promotion and encouragement days more than the contribution of people to the cause of building and defending the Fatherland.
Vu Le Ha
Head Consulate abroad
Consular Department - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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