​I. Principle:

Those are not requested to serve compulsory medical quarantine for 14 days but must comply strictly and fully regulations on COVID 19 prevention and protection.

II. Procedure:

1. Getting approval  

1.1. Inviter develops a plan of entry, transportation, accommodation, meeting place, workplace, and specific field sites, measures to ensure safety in the working process for experts and visitors entering for diplomatic and official purposes and those in contact.

1.2. Inviter gets approval from the Province or ministries/agencies concerned.

1.3. Inviter guides, monitors and reports the implementation of Covid-19 regulations to the People's Committees of provinces/ ministries concerned during the experts' stay in Viet Nam.

2. Before arrival:

2.1. Experts, visitors entering Vietnam for the official and diplomatic purposes must have international medical insurance or Inviter (organizations, agencies) commit to paying expenses for treatment if they are positive with COVID 19.

2.2. Experts must take tests for SARS – CoV – 2 by Real-time – PCR from 03 – 05 days with the negative results before they enter Vietnam. Test with SARS – CoV – 2 must be done in competent medical facilities.

2.3. Experts must enter 01 day before their working plan to carry out relevant regulations on medical monitoring.

3. On arrival and During stay in Viet Nam:​

3.1. Experts must present their negative results with SARS – CoV -2 upon their arrival.

3.2. They must make a fully electronic medical declaration upon entry and use the Bluezone​ app during their stay in Viet Nam (except VIPs from the deputy minister level or equivalent or higher).​

3.3. Experts must be arranged separated accommodation in temporary residential places (hotels, residential places are arranged by enterprises, other residential places) by the provincial people's committee. It is required to ensure medical monitoring and none of the contact in the community. The best way is to arrange all members of the expert team to stay in 01 residential places in order to monitor and control easily. All expenses for isolation means of transportation, COVID -19 test are paid by the invitee.

Visitors entering for diplomatic and official purpose are exempted from expenses (except the cost of the hotel at their request)

3.4. Sampling for the test with SARS – COV – 2 by RT-PCR is taken for all experts when they arrive at the temporary residential place.

Sampling for tests will be done every 02 days during their stay in Viet Nam.

3.5. Sampling for the test will be taken 01 day before experts leave Viet Nam in order to isolate and take preventive measures for people who contacted with experts when necessary.

After 14 days, experts may stay in Viet Nam without quarantine if their test result is negative./.​

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