Viet Nam Embassy in Singapore celebrated 73rd Anniversary of the National Day


Đại sứ Việt Nam tại Singapore Tào Thị Thanh Hương phát biểu tại Lễ kỷ niệm 73 năm Quốc khánh 2/9. Ảnh: Xuân Vịnh-Phóng viên TTXVN tại Singapore

The Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore Celebrated the 73rd Anniversary of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam at the Shangri-la Hotel in Singapore.

In her remarks at the event, Ambassador Tao Thi Thanh Huong briefed her guests on Vietnam's hard-won achievements since the country declared its independence. After more than seven decades, Vietnam has gone a long way from a backward, war-torn country living in poverty and loss to become a developing, middle-income nation which is in the process of industrialisation, modernisation and international integration, she said. It has maintained a fast and stable growth rate over the past 15 years, averaging 6.4 percent annually. The World Bank predicted to hit a growth rate of 6.8% this year.

The Ambassador shared that Viet Nam and Singapore have had 45 years of diplomatic relations and 5 years of strategic partnership with more than 2000 projects in investments of more than USD$45 million, elaborating that Vietnam is an open and dynamic economy as well as a trusted friend and reliable partner amongst the international community, always aiming for win-win cooperation.


The Guest of Honour is His Excellency Lawrence Wong, Singaporean Minister of National Development and Second Minister of Finance. H.E. Lawrence Wong said Singapore has long been a trusted strategic partner of Vietnam, often offering its support for the latter at regional and international forums.

Minister Wong stressed that he will further foster multifaceted ties between the two countries, particularly in people-to-people exchange, education, culture, and tourism to increase the numbers of Singaporean people visiting the beautiful and friendly Vietnam.

HE General Do Ba Ty, Vice President of the National Assembly of Viet Nam, who headed the delegation of the National Assembly of Viet Nam on a visit to Singapore to attend the 39th ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly attended the Celebration as the Special Guest. HE General Do Ba Ty and Minister Wong, together with the Ambassador gave a toast to the friendship and strategic partnership between the two countries.

The Ambassador hosted a dinner for the dignitaries and guests to mark the celebration. Celebratory toasts were exchanged to express the excellent cooperation that bilateral relations will continue to develop.

As part of the ceremony, Singapore artists put up an interesting cultural dance that was choreographed to showcase a fusion of Singaporean and Vietnamese elements. The Vietnamese artists then shared a performance depicting a popular folklore.

Overall it was a wonderful experience.   

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